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Spitting Cave

Spitting Cave is a natural wave-spitter, located near the cliff shoreline. A few steep steps take you to the cave’s edge, from where waves “spit out” water. The water roars, splashing and crashing against the cliff’s cliffside. It is located at 7 Lumahai St, Honolulu, HI 96825. More here

Spitting Cave is a great spot for whale watching. In fact, there are regular whale counts held at this location for research purposes. There are even cliffside stations set up all day to keep track of whale sightings. You’ll be amazed by how close you get to these magnificent creatures.

A trip to Spitting Cave can be dangerous, but it’s also one of the most scenic spots on the island of Oahu. There’s a steep trail to the entrance, which is particularly treacherous on rainy or slippery days. However, the cliffs are high enough to jump from, so be sure to wear appropriate clothes, even if you’re prone to falls.

Spitting Cave is located on the southeastern shore of Oahu, just 20 minutes from Waikiki. Nearby attractions include Hanauma Bay and the Koko Head Hike. However, the cave’s location is somewhat confusing, so it’s best to use a GPS to guide you to it.

The location is extremely popular among the locals and is considered a dangerous diving spot. Several people have died in the area in recent years. The local government is considering placing signs warning people not to jump from the cliffs. The military has also warned people to avoid the area. However, this has not prevented people from jumping off the cliffs.

The cliffside walk to the Spitting Cave is popular among hikers and cliff-divers. The cliffside trail is slippery and dangerous, but the views from the cliffside are beautiful. Another highlight of the hike is the China Walls, a series of lava ledges that offer excellent views of the south and west.

Spitting Cave is located between two residential areas. During the high tide, the cliffs can be very slippery. If you’re not used to losing dirt, grab a stone wall or a rope before taking the plunge. Also, bring plenty of water and sunscreen. You’ll also want to take a hat and sunglasses to protect your skin from the sun.

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