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Storyteller Statue

‍The new Storyteller Statue honors four local storytellers. They include Charles Bright, “Ab” Abernethy, Bryan Holt Davis, and Bob Murphy. “We are very pleased to have their legacy preserved in this way,” said county judge Greg Sowell, who served on the board of the Friends of Historic Nacogdoches. It is located at 2114 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815.  Read more

The Storyteller Statue was handcrafted using a traditional lost wax casting method. This technique is one of the oldest known methods of working with molten metal. During the process, an artisan sculpts the wax, then covers it with clay and allows it to dry. Once it is dry, molten bronze is poured into the mold. The molten bronze fills the mold, allowing the wax to form a unique figure. The artisan then breaks the clay to reveal the one-of-a-kind figure.

Another type of statue is a storyteller fountain. This sculptural fountain is located in Five Points South. It was commissioned by the mother of a murdered art dealer and was designed by Frank Fleming. It depicts a ram reading a story to other animals. The ram symbolizes the murdered art dealer Malcolm McRae.

After creating the basic storyteller figure, students personalize the sculpture by adding paint or markers to it. This step is a good opportunity for students to practice basic clay building techniques and apply their creative problem-solving skills. Students can also add additional features, such as textures, by using different tools and techniques.

The Storyteller Statue is a very popular sculpture among customers. It depicts a woman surrounded by four children. It is an uplifting tribute to mothers everywhere. Moreover, the Storyteller Statue is made of durable stone, which has a natural patina. It is meant for indoor use.

The students should work in groups and decide on the pose they want to portray. They should make a tableaux vivant, or a living picture, of the sculptures. To achieve this, students should consider stories that they have heard from their family members. Besides considering the position of the storyteller, they should also consider the content of the story.

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