Honolulu Wood Laminate Flooring

Don’t have the budget for real hardwood flooring in Oahu, but want to achieve the luxury look that comes with a hardwood floor? Give Wood Laminate a try! Wood laminate is made of 4 layers: a backing layer to protect your sub-floor from warping, a inner core made up of high density wood fibers, a photographic design layer featuring high quality prints that reflect your hardwood color, pattern, and texture, and a protective wear layer that gives protection against fading and stains.

Wood Laminate is similar to vinyl planking, but has many advantages. The inner core layer in laminate gives a softer, warmer floor than what can be achieved with vinyl. The design layer’s photography and printing is a higher quality rivaling the look of a real wood floor. However, laminate is not as waterproof as its vinyl counterpart. Many would recommend vinyl flooring in the bathroom and other high-moisture areas,and then use Laminate to cover the rest.  Contact Us today!

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