Seven Types of Wood Used to Make Hardwood Floors

If you are building or remodeling a home or business, then you might want wood floor installation for a property. Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for commercial or residential buildings because it is durable and easy to take care of on a daily basis. Manufacturers use several types of wood to make floor tiles or planks, and you can select one or more for any room inside a home.


Manufacturers choose wood that can withstand a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic, and walnut is one of the hardest woods in nature. Walnut is a darker color wood, making it attractive as flooring material. It is also possible to stain or paint this wood.


Ash is another variety of wood that people enjoy buying for businesses or homes. In its natural condition, ash wood is available in several shades of gray, but manufacturers can paint or stain this wood to change its color.


When shopping for hardwood flooring, many people search for oak planks or tiles. This rustic-looking wood is found in several shades of brown, making it suitable for any room in a building.


Another variety of wood tiles and planks is birch that is available in natural colors of beige, gray or brown. Birch has a delicate-looking grain that makes it look different from other hardwoods.


Cherry wood has a deep reddish color that provides a rich ambiance in a home. You might choose cherry floor tiles or planks for a home or business when it already has cherry wood embellishments such as stair handrail banisters.


The wood from mahogany trees has a rich reddish-brown color that provides attractive floor tiles for a residential or commercial property.


If you want a brighter floor tile in a room, then select maple. Most maple tiles range in color from pale beige to tan, and you might prefer a lighter color of floor tile in a business or home.

Where to Find Wood Flooring Materials in Hawaii

At Pacific Floor Coverings LLC in Honolulu, our customers can find an assortment of hardwood flooring that is perfect for any room in a private residence or business. In addition to selecting tiles or planks made of one type of wood, our customers can find parquet floor designs.


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