Honolulu Stone, Travertine and Marble Flooring

A beautiful alternative in comparison to other flooring choices, natural stone tiles add something new to any room they are installed in. With lots of different choices in types, styles, and colors, stone tile gives a natural, yet elegant beauty that is hard to match. Different to a clay or porcelain tile that has the pattern or color painted on the top, stone tile has color all the way through, and does not have the protective glaze on top.

If you are looking at stone, you might have some questions about the difference between say marble and travertine stones. Marble is known for the veins of color running throughout the tile, varying most commonly between white, black, grey, pink, blue, or green. Travertine on the other hand is known for its warm colors ranging from a light white or cream, to gold, brown and sometimes red. Each stone tile has slight variations in color and patterns that are different enough to add variety, but similar enough to keep an overall uniform feel to the flooring.  Contact Us today!

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