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When you are looking for new flooring options for your high-traffic business, the flooring solutions found in State and Federal buildings provide great examples of durable, attractive and innovative flooring materials. State and Federal buildings require specifically designed and installed flooring products that are formulated to withstand high traffic use in public areas as well as comfort-minded flooring in hallways, offices and non-public areas.

conferenceroomState and Federal Building Flooring Considerations

High traffic areas present a need for flooring options that accommodate a highly demanding flooring environment. Because many Federal and State buildings have extended hours, they need to be able to accommodate high traffic use around the clock, which results in higher than average wear and tear underfoot. The flooring must ensure resistance to spills and staining from foot-traffic, accommodate handicapped access, be non-porous, easy to clean, and provide safety features, in addition to being attractive. Some of the specific flooring needs of high foot traffic buildings such as State and Federal buildings include:

Appearance and Design

Flooring such as natural stone, realistic wood in decorative patterns, easily fulfill the unique performance requirements of high-traffic areas without looking cold and clinical. Broadloom carpeting can be matched to the building’s interior design and color scheme, and modular carpet tiles offer a variety of design possibilities and can be individually replaced to keep soiled areas looking new.

Flooring Safety

High-traffic flooring solutions include a variety of products and finishes suited to the specific needs or uses. For example, flooring with decorative, glossy finishes such as ceramic and porcelain tile, stone, travertine, and marble, are appropriate for reception and waiting areas, while the underfoot texture of carpeting provides traction and safety against slips and falls in areas like foyers that are frequently wet.

Floor Sanitation

Commercial flooring applications for State and Federal buildings require products that are easy to clean, without stripping, waxing or frequent refinishing. To deal with the wear and tear of daily use, the surface should provide resistance to dust and dirt adherence, and be easily maintained by regular vacuuming or sweeping with a soft-bristled broom. The surface needs to be non-porous or resist absorption, and allow for spills to be quickly removed with a damp mop. Special areas like cafeterias and eating facilities need hygienic floor coverings that can handle food preparation and service, and a seamless, easy-to-clean finish, such as sheet vinyl applications.

Installation of commercial flooring that doesn’t chip, scratch, wear, or fade will ensure a beautiful, hard-wearing floor surface for State or Federal building’s high-traffic areas for years to come.

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