We Offer Professional Customized Tile and Carpet Installation

At Pacific Floor Covering in Honolulu we offer customized floor installation services. Having beautiful floors in Hawaii is imperative at both commercial and residential properties. This state is a popular tourist destination, and anyone visiting a hotel or resort wants to have a gorgeous place to stay during their vacation. It may seem simple to install carpeting or vinyl floor tile, but it is a specialized process, that requires a certain level of expertise. An important aspect of our business is that we have knowledgeable technicians, who understand how to prepare a building’s underlying flooring materials, so that tile and carpet look beautiful and last a long time.

Cleaning Floor Services

First, we make sure to remove debris and moisture from floor surfaces, to ensure that tile and carpet remain flat on the floor. Keeping moisture away from new flooring can prevent foul mildew odor and dangerous mold growth. Underlying floor surfaces can have loose tacks or wooden planks, which require repair, to insure that the new carpet and tile are flat on the surface. In addition, a floor’s underlying surface can shift over the years, leading to wide spaces between tiles that require repair. Alternatively, the boards might rub against each other, causing strange noises when someone is walking across the floor.

Removal of Old Flooring

Before our customers have new carpeting installed, the old carpets must be removed in a safe manner, in order to preserve the integrity of the floor’s surface. So, we make sure we remove all of the old carpet staples and tack strips, before installing new materials for the new carpeting. We remove all debris from the floor surfaces, in order to insure we are starting with a clean base. We do not want to install new carpeting on top of household dust and decayed carpet backing. Our team also removes the old tiles and rolls of carpeting from the building, and takes it to the proper location for disposal.

Repairing Warped Floor Surfaces

Floors that are damaged require essential repairs, to fix problems such as warping from moisture that can lead to uneven floor surfaces. Walking across a warped floor surface can lead to tripping. We also determine what is causing a floor to become warped and may make recommendations concerning repairing leak in the roof or plumbing fixtures. When a customer wants to continue using a water-damaged floor, our technicians can perform emergency water extraction at commercial or residential properties, to prevent warping, mold growth and mildew odor.

Specialty Floor Installation

Our company in Hawaii also offers specialty floor installation services. In Honolulu, there are numerous hotels and restaurants, which require floor tiles that are suitable for dancing. Ballroom floors require specialized underlying surfaces, to help protect dancers from incurring an injury. Cushioned floor surfaces can make it easier for dancers or other performers to dance without foot, hip and leg injuries. Furthermore, dance floors must have very level surfaces to keep dancers from tripping and falling.

Cohesive Floor Surfaces

The installation of tile and carpet in long hallways and corridors requires making sure the materials will look cohesive to the people walking through the areas. Our technicians understand how to install carpeting in these areas, so it looks like one seamless section of carpet. We can also help our customers choose carpet or tile that will withstand a lot of foot traffic. Contact Pacific Floor Covering today to have tile or carpet installed in any commercial or residential property.


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