Modular Carpet Tile Installation in Honalulu

Have you ever considered the relatively new option of modular carpet tiles? These carpet squares cut to industry standards (most popular being 19” square) provide a unique design, and an innovative approach to your re flooring project. Carpet tiles can also helps you save by eliminating the scraps that you won’t have to buy anymore. Because they come in squares, you can get only the amount you need instead of ending up with an extra half of the roll that takes up all your garage space.

Some other practical benefits of carpet tiles include easier, more convenient transportation both from the store, and into the house – no more wedging the carpet roll in the door and around that first corner! Because of the smaller size, and the nature of a tile layout, they also eliminate those problem areas that usually require more time and effort of measuring and precise cutting. If you are looking for new carpet on a smaller budget. carpet tiles could be your perfect choice!  Contact Us today!

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