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floorprepstaplesThree Reasons You Need Professional Floor Preparation

When you order new flooring materials from Pacific Floor Covering LLC in Honolulu, you need to prepare the current floor before an installation. We recommend floor preparation in residential or commercial buildings before a technician installs carpeting, vinyl or wood materials. By making repairs to the old floor surfaces in homes and businesses, our customers will have new floors that are more attractive, durable and quieter.

One: Removing the Moisture and Debris from Old Floors

When a floor’s surface is covered with dirt or moisture, is it impossible to install new materials. Not only will the moisture and dirt keep the adhesives we use for carpets and vinyl from working properly, but also, the debris can seep through a carpet’s fibers or between the grooves of the planks, breaking down their structure and causing early wear and deterioration. Our technicians can use cleansers and equipment to suction moisture and remove dirt before the installation of new flooring materials.

Two: Making Sure a Building Has a Flat Floor Surface

If you have a slanting floor in a building, then it is vital to have the problem repaired before the installation of new floor coverings. A floor can slant because it was installed incorrectly or when the entire building has begun to settle. Natural events such as an earthquake can lead to having a floor that is buckled severely with curved or split sections. These materials require extensive repairs. Repairing structural damage is necessary before you have new carpets or floorboards installed.

Three: Fixing the Squeaky Noises in Old Flooring

One of the most important floor preparation methods is eliminating squeaks and other annoying noises. When a floor is installed, the technicians will make sure it doesn’t make any noise, but after a few years, the hardwood or vinyl will degrade. As flooring material degrades, nails and ductwork can begin to rub against the wood or tile, creating sounds when walked on. Our Pacific Floor Covering technicians have the expertise to find the problems in a building’s floors in order to make a repairs that eliminates noise.

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Our technicians understand the importance of placing new tile and carpeting on surfaces that are in the best condition, and customers can count on us to fix these problems before an installation.

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