Honolulu Corridor Carpet Replacement

corridor carpet replacement in a high-rise office buildingOne of the biggest mistakes people can make when choosing a carpet for high-traffic areas is not understanding what they are buying. For most people, carpet is carpet. It’s only been as of recently that they’ve come to accept matting and crushing. It’s not a matter of poor performance; it’s a matter of having the wrong product. Correcting those mistakes when handling your corridor carpet replacement means asking questions about fibers and backing. If the carpet in a corridor cannot perform as expected for the intended time period, maintenance and early replacement costs will far outweigh the money saved.

You’ve got to put the right product for your corridor carpet replacement in the right place. It’s not enough to only consider color, fiber, and backing. You need to look at performance plans of buildings as well. They can change dramatically from building to building. And they can change within a building. You must look at carpet selection strategically. If you start with performance requirements and then look at carpet from the backing up, you can reduce costs.

At Pacific Floor Covering, our experienced installers and specialists know what to look for and will guide you through the entire process. Whether your corridor is located in a small commercial office building or in a residential high-rise, we will help you choose a corridor carpet that will hold up under the constant wear and tear that can be experienced. Our professional installers are ready to help you implement the feel you want to create in a quick, efficient, and satisfactory manner. Contact us today for more information.