Honolulu Big Box / Retail Flooring Installation

Operators of Honolulu Big Box/Retail stores know they never have a second chance to make a good first impression on their customers. It’s important for store flooring to look good and perform well when subjected to daily heavy traffic. More Big Box/Retail operators turn to Pacific Floor Covering, a locally owned and operated professional flooring installation service, to help make their stores more attractive and comfortable places for their shoppers.

Quality Installation

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Because Big Box/Retail stores are subject to a steady flow of traffic on a day in and day out basis year-round, these facilities need the kind of quality flooring installations that Pacific Floor Covering has been specializing in for clients throughout Oahu for more than 20 years. Pacific Floor Covering takes pride in the quality craftsmanship they provide when installing new Honolulu Big Box/Retail flooring.

Project Efficiency

Pacific Floor Covering understands that Big Box/Retail operators expect the least amount of disruption to their shoppers in order to obtain new flooring installation. That is why the company’s team of experienced professional installers are expert at going above and beyond in their ability to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without cutting corners, so normal store operations can resume as soon as possible after new flooring has been installed.

Competitive Pricing

When a Honolulu Big Box/Retail operator hires Pacific Floor Covering for new flooring installation, they can be sure they will receive the best quality flooring at the most competitive price. Every commercial flooring project is accompanied by a guarantee that the new flooring installation will remain attractive and strong for years to come, providing the level of durability necessary to withstand considerable foot traffic as well as heavy shopping carts.

Pacific Floor Covering has become the leader in Honolulu Big Box/Retail store new flooring installation, due to the quality workmanship exhibited by their experienced crew of installers, in addition to fair and competitive prices to install flooring designed to last for years to come and perform well, day after day, season after season. Call today for a free quote.

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