Popular choices of flooring material for commercial spaces often differ in some respects from the materials used in homes or apartments. Business owners have to make different considerations than homeowners in choosing the right flooring material. For instance, while it is certainly a hassle for a family to have a bathroom or living room out of commission for a week, while new carpet or tile is laid, having a commercial space out of commission for a week may be far more than just inconvenient. Time is money, and having to shut down a work or retail space for a few weeks to replace carpets can decidedly impact revenue. Because of these considerations, flooring material that is durable and easy to install is preferred for commercial spaces. Even a moderately sized office space may house dozens of employees, and the corresponding foot traffic is punishing to floor materials. Durable materials reduce the need for frequent replacement. Materials that can be installed quickly, as well as flooring professionals that can work efficiently reduce potentially costly shutdown time. The experienced professionals at Pacific Floor Covering work quickly and efficiently to ensure that flooring is installed quickly and correctly. Pacific Floor Covering’s experts can help business owners select the ideal flooring material for their office or retail space. Here are some flooring options that are popular with commercial spaces:


High-durability carpet can be an ideal choice for commercial spaces, especially for businesses with moderate foot traffic. Office spaces may find carpet to be an idea option because of its tendency to reduce noise pollution. Commercial carpet is not usually as plush as the carpet often used in homes, but it is still comfortable underfoot. Carpet is a non-slick floor, which helps prevent people from falling. There are downsides of choosing carpet for a business. Carpet can be time consuming to replace, especially in complex room layouts. When carpet is laid, carpet fitters have to measure and cut the carpet to make it fit the room, and the time and labor required to do this can be costly. All flooring wears down unevenly, and so when one area of carpet requires replacing, carpet that is not worn down must also be replaced. Carpet would also obviously not be ideal in an area where liquid or food spills are frequent.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are very popular in commercial spaces because in many ways they provide the benefits of carpet without the downsides. Carpet tiles are square slabs of carpet that come in a variety of sizes. Since the tiles are still pieces of carpet, they still provide some noise dampening and a comfortable, secure walking surface. The main advantages carpets tiles have over normal carpet is the ease in which carpet tiles can be fitted to a room, and the ability to replace individual tiles. Carpet tiles can be fitted by just about anyone, and they do not require the stretching and kicking that traditional carpet often does. The fact that individual worn tiles can be replaced is very advantageous, especially in commercial spaces where certain areas experience a much higher degree of traffic than others (for instance, the hallway of a hotel).

Vinyl or Tile

For retail locations, any form of carpet is likely not an ideal flooring choice. Retail locations like “Big Box” stores need highly durable surfaces that can stand up to high traffic and that can be cleaned easily. Vinyl sheeting is a common choice for retail locations because of how affordable and durable it is. For business owners looking for a more upscale look, tile is also very durable and attractive. Both linoleum and tile are great choice in business where spills are possible, and both of these options come in a myriad of color and style options.


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