Ballroom Flooring in Honolulu

female feet dancing on a hardwood ballroom floor refinished by pacific floor covering in hawaii

Have you found that your dance floor is less than ideal? Are the boards of your ballroom flooring getting squeaky and worn out, making it hard to dance on? We understand how enjoyable it is to have a great dance floor, and we want to help. Let us assist you in providing a great dance environment by replacing those hardwood ballroom flooring with stronger, more durable hardwood that will last. Make your ballroom somewhere people look forward to coming to. Contact us to learn what options we have ready for you.  Contact Us today!


Our Technicians Can Install Specialized Dance Floors

At Pacific Floor Covering LLC located in Honolulu, we understand the intricacies involved with installing a ballroom dance floor. Hardwood flooring is used for ballroom flooring, but the materials require a specialized design and expert installation. Sprung floors are made to absorb shock as a couple dances on the floor, helping to prevent injuries to their feet, ankles and legs. Our technicians will install the wood floor planks using rubber feet or matting that helps the flooring to absorb the hard steps of ballroom dancers.

Special Requirements for Ballroom Floors in Hawaii

In addition to absorbing pressure from dancing, our hardwood flooring installation team can plan to build a surface that makes less noise. Here are a few requirements for creating quality ballroom flooring:

  • Easy to clean
  • Slip proof when damp
  • Helps to reduce noise
  • The correct color of flooring in combination with the room’s lighting
  • The tiles only depress slightly
  • No sideway movement of the tiles or planks
  • Made with the correct traction for dancing
  • Helps to protect dancers from injuries during falls
  • Returns energy to the feet while dancing
  • A beautiful surface that is flat and even

Factors That We Consider When We Install a Ballroom Dance Floor

Our Pacific Floor Covering floor installers must also consider other factors when designing a ballroom floor because it might have heavy objects such as musical instruments, tables or chairs sitting on its surface. A ballroom floor requires a durable surface to protect it from the damages caused by high-heeled shoes. When measuring the surface for a ballroom floor, technicians must consider how the materials can expand against the walls or baseboards, making sure to leave a small gap for air circulation. Additional considerations are planning for doorways that may need wheelchair ramps or that have stairsteps.

Types of Wood Used for Ballroom Dance Floors

Only durable hardwood flooring is used for ballrooms because repetitive dancing can destroy the surface of flimsy tiles or cheap wood. Some of the wood varieties selected include:

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Beech

Where Can We Install a Ballroom Dance Floor?

Pacific Floor Covering is able to install ballroom dance floors in several types of structures, including:

  • Schools
  • Theaters
  • Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Private residences
  • Exercise studios

To learn more about the selection of wood and the installation of a ballroom dance floor, contact Pacific Floor Covering today.

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