Factors to Consider When Choosing Flooring Materials for your Office

Improving an office is not a walk in the park. There are multiple factors one should consider to ensure that the place properly captures the business’ image, functionality, and appeal to clients. One ideal point to consider is flooring. As one would already identify, it’s one of the most recognizable parts of an establishment.

If you’re a business owner thinking about office floor design ideas, you might want to take it slow and reconsider the materials to choose before you actually commit and start the project. For example, flooring materials that are best for the kitchen or pantry might not be ideal for other areas within the office. Most of the time, tile floor durability should be considered, especially if you’re running an operation that involves constant exposure to heavy equipment going in and about the production floor.

Let‘s check out the points one should consider so you too can understand exactly what we mean.

Overall Appeal

As stated before, the floor is considered as one of the most easily identifiable details in the office. Now if you’re a business that caters to walk in clients, it’s ideal to choose the right type of office flooring material. Let’s take carpet flooring for example. Depending on the color chosen, the office can transform from anywhere with a relaxed and mellow ambiance to a corporate and serious place of work. This is a great option when choosing flooring for your office lobby as the material itself is very flexible given its wide range of colors and designs.


When looking at the right flooring for your Honolulu workplace, durability is one factor any business should definitely look into. As stated before, if a certain room experiences heavy foot traffic, the chosen flooring should be able to withstand such wear and tear. With that in mind, there are certain tiles specifically designed for such purpose. Hardwood and laminate flooring are materials that can take a beating. Parquet flooring or carpet tiles might not be the best option for you if durability weighs heavier on your itinerary. 

Going back to the two given options, the former may cost more than the latter, but if you’re thinking of saving more on future maintenance and repair, it’s definitely worth the investment. Durability of wood floors is undeniable compared to the newer laminate options. Furthermore, Wood floors are better than tiles in a sense that while they are indeed durable in their own right, they cannot resist a direct blow without cracking or even breaking. And once floor tiles break, the immediate option there would be to replace the damaged tile altogether.

In addition to that, the sturdiness of your office floor material will dictate how often you will have to replace it. Now, there are some disadvantages of changing its covers. For example, not only will you spend more money for a new carpet tile installation, but you will also have to stop all business operations while these are being replaced. This, in turn will cost you more money and time lost. So, considering the strength of a material will save you more money in the long run. 


This brings us to our next topic — maintenance. As previously mentioned, durability of a material in relation to the traffic experienced should be a definite factor to consider. You might see yourself spending more for carpet changes in the long run if you do not consider the previous points along with its coinciding maintenance requirements. 

Given that Honolulu experiences frequent rains, waterproof flooring is a viable option for business owners that would want to minimize their maintenance cost. The best materials for this type of purpose are ceramic tiles, stone tiles, and even waterproof laminate flooring. If your establishment is prone to flooding, these types of material will not easily bow down to the forces of nature and can keep you from spending more in the long run.


Let’s say you’ve narrowed yourself down to two options — laminate and tile flooring. And with all of these factors considered, how do you decide? Well, your budget is the biggest factor that will play into your decision, as it will ultimately dictate what you will buy. The prices for each floor type will vary; the cost of installing laminate flooring is considerably cheaper compared to tile and even engineered hardwood floors. But then again, laminate wood flooring can cost more than other materials in the market. It depends on how the type of flooring was designed and for what purpose will it serve in the first place. So, for business owners asking whether or not wood floor or tile is cheaper, the answer is subjective. As a rule of thumb, if it’s not mass produced or if it’s industrial grade, most likely it will fetch a pretty penny.

So there you have it, factors you should consider when looking into various ideas for floor improvement. While it’s true that there are countless materials out there that can be used for your office, the reality is that not all of these will fit your office’s overall theme and function. There is a need for you to pick one that would amplify the character of your workplace and keep you from spending more during and after the whole improvement project.

And since your floor is such an important part of your building, you shouldn't recklessly pick just anybody to install it. As a matter of fact, you have to hire a reliable company that provides floor and carpet installation near you to ensure quality end results. Essentially, it is important that you entail the services of a professional who knows the importance of these surfaces.

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